The Little Falls Antique Center


Store hours are

10:00AM to 5:00PM

every day (certain holidays excepted)

For more information, call us at
Email us at  littlefallsantiquecenter@gmail.com

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We are housed in an 1855 building originally built as the Ligneous Paper Mill.  
It was converted to The Electric Light Company in 1896, using water power to generate the electricity,
and then The Stafford and Holt Knitting Mill from 1927 to the 1970's

Little Falls, NY  13365


We are located on the Mohawk River and the Erie Canal at 25 West Mill Street. Exit 29A on I-90.
Straight ahead from toll booth about 2 miles to Route 5. Turn left. Follow signs for Route 167-S.

After 2nd traffic light, turn right to go around MacDonald's and right again to cross the bridge over the railroad tracks.
At stop sign in center of bridge, turn left down the ramp. 
Follow signs for Canal Place.

Little Falls Antique Center, 25 West Street, Little Falls, NY 13365

  The natural light from these original windows is a great way to view the antiques that our 55 dealers have on display.




The Little Falls Antique Center 

Antiques and Collectibles

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                                       American Heritage                        A Page in Time                         Martha Boyle   

                                       Brown Car Antiques                     D & G Collectibles                    Dylis Antiques & Tools

                                      Great Adirondack Tool Co            Kathy's Antiques                      Cindy McCoy 

                                      Rose Colored Glasses                    Sarchioto's Antiques                 Heather Sturgeon

                                      Timeworn Antiques                       The Toolman                            Vintage Pastelle




Shops at 25 West

Unique Shops, Boutiques, and more Antiques

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                                      Addictive Antiques                               Alicia's Loft                                     Brown's Antiques

                                      Chickweed                                                     Robert   Coppen                            Cuneo's Collectibles    

                                      Debbie's Den                                                Gaia's Garden                                 Guerino's        

                                      Heather's Haven                                         Himmelman & Yager                   Homespun Memories                           

                                      Kelly  Liddell                                                LaPuma's Collectibles                 Lesa's Leftovers      

                                      Life's Simple Pleasures                            The Mulberry Tree                      Lynette Oare     

                                      Dawn O"Brien                                              Old Friends                                        Paca Garden     

                                      Patricia's                                                          Priscilla Pitt                                     Steampunk Electric Co.     

                                      The Book Finder                                          The Christmas Shop                       The Knitery                            

                                      Wendy Wrisley                                            We Wear Vintage                           Whimsy                         




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 Visit Canal Place, Little Falls, NY

The Little Falls Antique Center

Store hours are
10:00AM to 5:00PM

every day (certain holidays excepted)
For more information, call us at 315-823-0420

Email us at  littlefallsantiquecenter@gmail.com



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By the way, there are several good eateries in the area....in case you are planning to make a day of it....
and lots to see and do while you are in the Little Falls area.


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